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About Us

Privva is an analytics company focused on identifying and managing enterprise risk throughout the lifecycle of data sharing practice.  Our cloud-based platform is designed to automate the risk assessment process streamlining your workflow.


Centralizing your risk metrics on the Privva platform creates a more efficient and accessible data set to ensure compliance and identify best practices.  Accessing our customizable dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities of the Privva platform result in effective communication to all relevant stakeholders. 


We understand data security and privacy are no longer limited to a small group of individuals in your company so we want to provide you the tools to manage your data.  Our top priority is making sure you allocate your resources to the most critical areas.


Our solution will make your assessment process easier and more efficient.   We view risk assessment as a program not a project so we want to be an extension of your team as cyber security risks evolve. 

Ready for a demo?

Contact us to schedule a demo and risk management assessment.


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