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Privva is looking for a part-time Data Scientist to help drive and deliver new features of the Privva platform. This person should have a passion for turning business concepts into innovative technical solutions to help drive the future of Privva products. The candidate should be able to process, interpret and analyze unstructured text documents to identify operational improvements to existing models.


This position is for approximately 10 hours per week. 


  • Independently design and undertake new applications of Machine Learning and NLP and work with Privva development team to implement and test real world results

  • Prototype and develop new tools for data analysis and QA

  • Extract, transform, aggregate and manipulate data within an identified problem space for

    use in predictive modeling and natural language processing

  • Conduct exploratory data analysis and feature generation

  • Identify, evaluate and integrate with 3rd party API's and libraries

  • Perform text/data classification and categorization as well as entity recognition, resolution and lexical/syntactic analysis



  • Thorough knowledge of Natural language processing or Machine learning mechanisms.

  • Able to apply ML or NLP theories to practical problems

  • Can perform exploratory and adhoc analysis and come up with effective methodologies

    based on the requirements

  • Working knowledge of data analysis and modeling tools

  • Hands on experience developing supervised and unsupervised machine learning

    algorithms (regression, decision trees/random forest, neural networks, feature

    selection/reduction, clustering, parameter tuning, etc.), using Python

  • Strong quantitative skills with the ability to apply both simple and complex statistical methods

  • Nice to have:

    • Experience with TensorFlow, Keras, SciKit

    • Experience developing/deploying models to a production environments

    • Experience in developing and/or launching ML algorithms/frameworks using cloud infrastructure

Please email resume to jobs[@]

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