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Privva’s CMMC Assessment Platform for Auditors

Privva partners with auditors to provide a streamlined and secure system for certifying DoD contractors at the appropriate level as defined by the CMMC.

Organizations are asking: What level of certification do we need?

Who can help us certify?

With the Department of Defense release of Version 1.0 of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification on January 31st, organizations are relying on advisory firms to assist in certification


Whether you have 5 clients or 500 clients that require certification, Privva’s platform will help make your process scalable, centralized, secure and cost-efficient.


Comes complete with an integrated CMMC assessment library

Automatically assigns the right questions based on level of certification across all 17 cybersecurity domains

Manages tracking and remediation as clients respond to the assessments and provide documentation

Automatically scores responses with Privva’s smart scoresheet or adjust manually per your audit process

Includes reports for client delivery or to create your own internal benchmarks

Privva knows cybersecurity assessment.


Schedule a demo and risk management assessment.

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