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Vendor Risk Management for K12 Education

Are you assessing the security risk of your edtech vendors? Privva makes vendor risk assessment easy.

Privva has already assessed hundreds of edtech vendors for security.

Evaluate Risk to
Student and Employee Data

Privva assesses compliance with education standard information security practices and FERPA. It's easy to incorporate into your RFP process and institute ongoing re-evaluation with existing vendors.

The Privva Suite


Kickoff and Launch Guidance

Custom Assessment Authoring

Standard Assessments (SIG, CIS 20, Privva Bank)

Vendor Registry

Assessment Distribution

Weighted Categories

Autoscoring of Responses

Assessment and Artifact Security Review

Remediation Strategy Creation

Remediation Communication, and Tracking

Vendor Scoresheets

Vendor Comparison Reports

Automatic Recurring Assessment

Up to 3 Collaborators

24/7 Support via Email or Phone

Enterprise with

Managed Services


Schedule a demo and risk management assessment.

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