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Ten Things You Need to Know About Cybersecurity Insurance

With corporate data breaches on the rise, many business owners are rethinking their security practices and strategies for risk management. Hacks, breaches and network outages present more than just technology issues—they come with financial repercussions, a potential loss of customers and a negative reputation in the marketplace. These potential consequences are leading business owners to adopt more-holistic approaches to security involving both preventative measures and response plans. Preventative measures help secure network defenses and implement best security practices. Response plans involve cybersecurity insurance, a policy designed specifically to trigger when a security incident occ

Small Businesses are Prime Cyber Targets, Experts Say

Small businesses are prime targets for today’s hackers, according to witnesses testifying at the House Small Business Committee on Wednesday. “Like water or electricity, malicious actors follow the path of least resistance,” said Justin Zeefe, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Nisos Group. He explained that because small businesses often don’t have the resources or training to thwart cyberattacks, hackers will choose to go after a large number of them for a small sum, rather than a single, large company that poses a greater challenge. “They often lack the capabilities or the resources to pursue strong, entitywide cyber protections,” agreed Nova Daly, senior public policy adviser at Wi