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Privva Launches Vendor Risk Management in K12

WASHINGTON (PRWEB) MAY 29, 2018 Today, risk management technology provider Privva, Inc. expanded its vendor risk management solution into K12. Privva’s Vendor Risk Management solution automates the security assessment and review process of third party vendors. This automated security process provides districts with a comprehensive understanding of policies and procedures of third party vendors and allows districts to better develop and track a risk remediation plan communicated with each vendor. According to Ishan Girdhar, CEO of Privva, Inc., “EdTech is improving every aspect of education but it is a double edge sword. Utilizing technology and providing access to more vendors is opening dis

Vendor Risk Management for Law Firms: 7 Steps to Success

CYBERSECURITY LAW & STRATEGY MAY 2018 Vendor Risk Management for Law Firms: 7 Steps to Success By Ishan Girdhar Most firms have extensive cybersecurity measures in place, but emerging or unclear regulatory requirements embroil them in a never-ending cycle of evaluation, best-practices review, and implementation. Firms don’t just need to have their own systems secured; a responsible firm must also reduce the risk of breach at their third-party vendors. This risk continues to grow as cloudservice providers gain acceptance in law firms. As cloud service providers become commonplace, so too does a firm’s responsibility to ensure their vendors are managing risk appropriately. Managing risk presen