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Privva Announces Integration of BitSight Security Ratings to Make Vendor Security Assessment Compreh

Two Critical Vendor Risk Ratings Now Available Through One Platform Today, Privva, a leading risk management technology provider, announced a partnership with BitSight, the Standard in Security Ratings, to provide customers with a 360° view of third-party risk as part of Privva’s open platform initiative. The Privva platform allows security professionals across industries to manage an efficient vendor risk management program, including automated assessments and ongoing remediation of risks. Privva’s platform allows clients the flexibility to bring an existing security assessment or utilize industry standard frameworks, such as the Share Assessments SIG or NIST-based questionnaires. The BitSi

Privva Hosts Off-Site to Gain Insight and Plan Future

Privva hosted its annual employee off-site this week in Fort Lauderdale and our team spent three days collaborating and envisioning the next phase of growth of our company. At Privva, we believe that delivering a value-driven customer experience starts with employees who learn and grow from each other. Just as SaaS products improve by listening closely to customer feedback, we strive to create a unified team that becomes more effective through collaboration and retrospective thought. With this in mind, our organization offers employees the opportunity to present concepts and initiatives that they believe will make an impact at Privva. This year, the employee curated presentations centered a