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Privva launches AWS, Azure and G Suite specific assessment

How many times have you had vendors say they’re secure because they’re using AWS, Azure or G Suite? Unfortunately, just because AWS is SOC II compliant that doesn’t mean that every vendor application running on AWS is equally compliant. Cloud hosting is based on a shared responsibility model. The cloud service provider is responsible for security of the cloud and the cloud service user is responsible for security in the cloud. To get an accurate picture of your third-party vendors’ security in the cloud, Privva now offers a Cloud Security Assessment. The assessment focuses on best practices within each cloud environment as well as discovering which products third parties use to secure their

Beacon Strategies, LLC Partners with Privva on Vendor Management to Help Enterprise Wealth Firms

Beacon Strategies, LLC, a leading consulting and thought leader to enterprise retail wealth firms, is pleased to announce its newest service offering, named Vendor Management. This new service supplies wealth firms with a vendor management framework. The technology and structure support the ongoing documentation needs demanded by regulators, as well as the option for an overlay infrastructure that helps relationship building with solution providers. “Over the past two years we have been working on this service,” Chip Kispert, Managing Partner, Beacon Strategies, shared. “The industry is in desperate need of a vendor management utility that is easy to use and efficiently supports digital upda