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The Exploding Demand for E-Learning Solutions & The Major Security Implications

Districts are being forced to roll out new forms of learning overnight, but can not let security take a back seat. Privva, a leading third-party risk assessment platform, works with many districts that understand this fact and have implemented initiatives to evaluate vendors from a security perspective. In the last 120 days, the districts using Privva have increased the number of vendors they are assessing by 343%! Classrooms have had to adapt to the new normal and technology is at the forefront of this change. With more technology comes more risk. Student, parent, and administrator data is being shared with more third parties at record levels. The results of these assessments have been g

The Privva 10: The New Way to View Third-party Risk

Assessing third-party risk can be challenging. Privva has launched a new, proprietary third-party risk scoring methodology to classify risk into 10 key security domains. Mapping security assessment questionnaires to the Privva 10 Security Domains provides organization intelligence for your vendor ecosystem. In a time when corporates want to consolidate their vendor ecosystems, results from vendor risk assessments can assist with this consolidation. Data protection has become a key component in supplier selection. Privva’s approach allows the risk management team to benchmark risk assessment data from multiple angles. The Privva 10: Governance: Evaluates the organization's leadership, mana

Free Diversity and Inclusion Assessment

Privva is excited to announce the launch of a new Diversity and Inclusion assessment. This no-cost offering allows corporations to understand the details about their suppliers related to key demographic information and diversity policies and procedures. Supplier Diversity and Inclusion is more than a CSR checkbox. The composition of an organization’s supply chain has tangible and potentially detrimental business implications, from both an operational and ethical standpoint. Supplier D&I poses its own form of risk, and just as organizations have mobilized to build robust infosec programs in response to threat actors and regulations, the same must be done for Supplier D&I. It requires the sam