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Solutions Overview


Privva AutoAssess Solution

Privva’s proprietary learning technology automates client assessment responses to help save time, ensure consistency, and benchmark results against regulatory requirements.

Security, risk, or compliance personnel

For companies who require completing security assessment and audits for clients

Best for legal, healthcare, financial services and technology industries

Privva identifies and manages risk throughout your organization and the lifecycle of data sharing practice. Our cloud-based platform is designed to automate and streamline your assessment workflow whether for security or compliance. 

Security, risk, or compliance personnel

For companies that have internal compliance needs and third-party vendors or suppliers connecting with access to sensitive data

Best for legal, financial services, technology, healthcare, education, media industries

Our 7-Step Methodology

Privva Vendor Risk Assessment process positions the information security team for success in executing the 7-step process.

01. DEFINE vendors and partners to be assessed through the use of Privva created customized assessments meeting industry standards.


02. PLAN assessment strategy for various vendor and partner tiers. 


03. EXECUTE assessments delivery to vendors and partners.


04. TEST assessment results including select artifacts to identify potential risk and vulnerabilities.


05. REPORT highest risks and track for continued improvement.


06. REMEDIATE identified risks and vulnerabilities.


07. RE-ASSESS vendors and partners on a recurring, automated basis.

Professional Services

Privva's platform can accommodate the needs of all organizations, regardless of resources & budget.

Tech Only

Access to the vendor assessment module & all of it’s features

Dedicated account manager

Kickoff and launch guidance

Assessment upload

Monthly feedback call

Ongoing technical support


Managed Service

Full process managed services from distribution through review

All features from Tech Plus

Assessment review

Document review*

Remediation plan creation

Remediation plan distribution


Tech Plus

Assessment distribution, routing, and vendor follow up support

All features from Tech Only

Vendor information upload

Assessment launching

Project management

Vendor email & call follow-ups

*May be restricted to specific document types or include additional costs

Privva can help you set up a process to evaluate your vendors or those of your clients by asking the right questions at the right time.

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