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Privva Wins 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for Vendor Risk Management

Privva is pleased to announce that its product, Privva Data Risk Management, has taken home the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for best Vendor Risk Management product. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is an annual competition honoring individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. By receiving the 2017 award for best Vendor Risk Management product, Privva continues to be recognized for its efforts in meeting the needs of businesses and entities across the legal, financial services, and education industries in managing security risks related to transmitting and storing sensitive information with third-party vendors.

Privva Data Risk Management Automates Security Assessments

With its user-friendly service, Privva provides its clients with a secure platform that transforms how enterprises evaluate and manage third-party vendor and supply chain risk. Understanding potential risks and vulnerabilities of a firms’ vendors is extremely important in ensuring the protection clients and employee sensitive data.

Privva streamlines this process for its clients, saving significant amount of time and allowing our clients to create reports and analyze vendors in a new capacity. Depending on the level of maturity of a firms’ program, Privva offers a solution to create, modify, and enhance a vendor risk management program. In short, centralizing risk metrics on the Privva platform creates an auditable and contractible repository of risk information to ensure compliance and identify best practices.

“Third party vendor risk management is a critical component of our security program, and Privva has helped us substantially streamline the process of distributing, tracking and analyzing our vendor assessments,” said Justin Hectus, CIO/CISO of Keesal Young and Logan. “Moving from a disconnected system of spreadsheets and manual e-mail follow-up to Privva increased the integrity of our process and reduced the time investment necessary for both us and for our vendors.”

While the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognized Privva for its Data Risk Management product, Privva provides ongoing services to manage your vendor-based risks over the long term. At Privva, we view risk assessment as a program not a project so we want to be an extension of your team as cyber security risks evolve. Whether it is cataloging your existing vendors or incorporating the solution into your procurement process, Privva improves your workflow to protect your data. Visit us at today to learn how we can transform how your business manages vendor security.

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