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Privva CEO talks Vendor Security Assessments at ITLACON 2018

Privva CEO and co-founder Ishan Girdhar discussed the importance of maintaining a comprehensive vendor risk management program, the challenges of responding to client security assessment, and most common themes of security assessment questionnaires.

Privva CEO Ishan Girdhar Presents Security Assessment Analysis at ILTACON 2018

On Tuesday, August 21st, Ishan Girdhar and fellow experts spoke about “Security Audits 2018: Keeping Up with the Questions!” The panels analyzed thousands of security assessments questions, Girdhar identified the most common themes of security assessment questionnaires. To listen to the full recording of the panel click the link below:

Kevin O’Keefe and Ishan Girdhar discuss Data Protection in the Legal Industry and Entrepreneurship. Learn the history of Privva, the challenges Ishan faced growing the business and advice for future entrepreneurs. In this video, Girdhar opens up about the company and gives insight into the exciting opportunity that lies ahead for the company.

Bob Ambrogi spotlights Privva in his post-ILTA Day 1 report

Rob Ameerun of Legal IT Professionals and Ishan Girdhar, Chief Executive Officer discuss Privva at ILTACON 2018

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