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Privva Hosts Off-Site to Gain Insight and Plan Future

Privva hosted its annual employee off-site this week in Fort Lauderdale and our team spent three days collaborating and envisioning the next phase of growth of our company.

At Privva, we believe that delivering a value-driven customer experience starts with employees who learn and grow from each other. Just as SaaS products improve by listening closely to customer feedback, we strive to create a unified team that becomes more effective through collaboration and retrospective thought. With this in mind, our organization offers employees the opportunity to present concepts and initiatives that they believe will make an impact at Privva.

This year, the employee curated presentations centered around the following:

Focusing on Mindfulness

Employee wellbeing is key. What can we do today to make sure we are delivering a great product while taking time for ourselves?

Understanding our Product’s Engine

Developing a great SaaS product requires a focus on efficiency and performance. How can employees gain a deeper understanding of our solution in order to better serve our customers?

Incorporating Agile and Scrum

Methodologies and frameworks developed to improve software development efficiency can translate to other projects as well. What are the core concepts and how can non-dev employees practice these proven workflows?

Becoming an Employee Brand Ambassador

Everyone has a perspective. How can we empower our employees and create an even better customer focused brand?

Looking Back & Planning for The Year Ahead

Celebrating our accomplishments and learning from our missteps enables us to improve in the future. How do we make this year even better than the last?

There are ~12K SaaS products in the market so differentiating Privva from the rest is a challenging task. At the end of the day, a product is only as good as its employees and the customer service delivered to clients. Privva takes aim to be the best in the world in achieving these goals. The off-site was an opportunity to reward the team and build stronger relationships to take the company into the future.

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