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Privva Launches Free E-Course on "How to Build a Top-Tier Vendor Risk Assessment Program"

Introducing Privva Courses - Sign up for Privva's "How to Build a Top-Tier Vendor Risk Assessment Program" — a 7-day e-mail based course on how jumpstart your third-party risk assessment program, with guides and perspectives from our experienced risk assessment team

Third-party risk management is becoming standard operating procedure across many organizations as client and regulatory pressure is increasing. A key to your program’s success is to simplify the implementation of your security assessment process through iterations so it is sustainable. We take this to heart and have developed this course with that perspective in mind.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from our course:

  • Day One: Introduction — The State of the State

  • Day Two: Create a Plan - Assign a Team and Win Internal Support

  • Day Three: Vendors, Suppliers, Partners - Selecting Third-Parties To Assess

  • Day Four: The Questionnaire / Standardized, Custom, or a Combination?

  • Day Five: Program Management / Excel, Word, or Privva?

  • Day Six: Continuous Monitoring / Why you need it & why you don't?

  • Day Seven: Supporting Your Program / Resources For Ongoing Education

For participants of this course, we're offering a free consultation to discuss what questionnaire your organization should be using. Have a questionnaire developed? We'll review it and provide feedback based on clarity and overall risk domain coverage.

Sign up at or Contact Privva at

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