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Free Diversity and Inclusion Assessment

Privva is excited to announce the launch of a new Diversity and Inclusion assessment. This no-cost offering allows corporations to understand the details about their suppliers related to key demographic information and diversity policies and procedures.

Supplier Diversity and Inclusion is more than a CSR checkbox. The composition of an organization’s supply chain has tangible and potentially detrimental business implications, from both an operational and ethical standpoint. Supplier D&I poses its own form of risk, and just as organizations have mobilized to build robust infosec programs in response to threat actors and regulations, the same must be done for Supplier D&I. It requires the same level of oversight, diligence, and investment from leadership and dedicated teams. Organizations must hold themselves accountable to a new standard that encourages opportunity for all, and demand the same of their suppliers.

The ethical justifications of Supplier D&I are clear, and there is a magnitude of research proving that supplier D&I is a risk to an organization’s bottom line. Product innovation is only possible when people who dare to think differently – an ability stemming from the very differences that can prohibit advancement - reject the status quo. A broad supplier base allows an organization to hedge against the risk that one supplier might fail, a struggle that’s been all too real in the wake of a global pandemic and the worst economic conditions since the great depression.

Diversity and Inclusion has been a taboo topic for too long, and we as a collective must step up and hold ourselves accountable. At an individual and organizational level, we must make the changes needed in the course of business to promote an environment that is accessible for all. Where we choose to spend our money is powerful.

Now more than ever before, Corporate America is being called upon to consider the role it plays in advancing an equitable and just society. Executives are questioning how products and services are brought to the market in response to a growing demand that business be conducted in a new way – a way that celebrates and reflects the diversity of our society, rather than stifles it.

Privva's Free Offering

As part of this important initiative, Privva is excited to offer its platform at no cost for enterprises to distribute Privva's D&I assessment to up to 200 third-party suppliers. The four-step process makes executing this important initiative easy.

1. Upload the names and contacts of your suppliers

2. Send out the pre-built assessment to your suppliers on Privva's platform

3. Rate the results with the assistance of Privva's automated scoring

4. Develop reports to compare the results and rank your suppliers

To get started contact Privva at and a Privva representative will contact you in 24 hours.

Note: free offering available until October 31, 2020.

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