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Join Us At The 2021 Virtual Shared Assessments Third Party Risk Summit

Let’s face it: you can’t put a price on effectively executed third-party risk management (TPRM), and you need someone you can trust to get you through every step as efficiently and economically as possible. That’s why Privva is so excited to have the opportunity to continue improving upon our best practice and strategy offerings for third-party risk management at the 2021 Virtual Shared Assessments Third Party Risk Summit!

We’re honored that we will be in the virtual presence of so many of our esteemed colleagues, as well as learn from some of the most talented risk management professionals in the industry. This year’s summit has it all! We’ll have a chance to discover the latest and greatest technology tools and services making risk management more practical, best practices in the business, and of course engage in invaluable networking sessions to exchange ideas and information with our peers.

We’ll be looking forward to hearing from our colleagues on continuous monitoring of risk, diversity and inclusion in the TPRM field, and utilizing reputable cybersecurity to protect your sensitive risk management data. The lineup includes: Marnie Wilkins, the Global Head of Security & Technology Risk Management, of popular and modern online furniture warehouse Wayfair; Erinmichelle Perri, Chief Information Technology and Security Officer of the New York Times; and Erin Joe, Section Chief for the Office of Private Sector with over 25 years of experience in the FBI.

We’d love to talk to you in depth and share what efficiently executed SIG Assessments coupled with remarkably reliable risk management technology can do for your business, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to grow and better serve our customers thanks to what we’ll take away from this Summit. Be sure to visit us at our virtual booth! We can’t wait to virtually meet you and answer any questions you may have about how our passion and expertise intersect to exceed the expectations you have for your TPRM.

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