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Law Firms Are Vendors Too: Privva Evaluates NetApp’s Law Firms

Privva Assists NetApp to Complete Security Assessments of Their Law Firms

Connie Brenton and the NetApp team set their sights on developing a vendor risk management program to evaluate their law firms. NetApp wanted to reduce the strain on their information security resources, as well as those of the law firms, so that they can focus on keeping data safe. Read the full article here to find out more about how NetApp was able to develop a clearer picture of their security risks associated with law firms with Privva.

Privva understands that executing a vendor risk management program is overwhelming for every party involved. Privva’s goal is to ease that burden and help their clients by equipping them with the tools to implement a vigilant, metric-based approach to assess their vendors. All their vendors - even law firms.

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