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Privva Announces Partnership with Privacy Platform Osano

The most intuitive and flexible risk management platform joins forces with the leading privacy software on the market

May 13, 2021 -- Leading Vendor Risk Management Software Company Privva announces a partnership with Osano, a B-Corporation bringing data privacy transparency to the world with its SaaS-based data privacy platform. This partnership aims to help business

es comply with ever-changing privacy laws and ensure their chosen vendors are compliant as well.

As the world’s most popular data privacy software, Osano helps organizations quickly and easily comply with domestic and international privacy laws and regulations. Its software is used by more than 750,000 websites worldwide. Osano’s Vendor Management feature scores more than 15,000 vendors’ data privacy practices, allowing companies to make smart, informed decisions on whom they partner and efficiently collect and store consent verification. Osano’s Privacy Score feature, constantly updated in real-time, is based on a team of expert privacy attorneys' analysis of companies’ public-facing privacy policies.

Privva simplifies vendor risk management for businesses by automating risk assessment, monitoring, and analysis. Users can quickly and easily create custom assessments for vendors, deploy them and track the status of completion, and compare the results to industry benchmarks.

The unique partnership between Privva and Osano is a marriage of cybersecurity and compliance. “At Privva, we feel strongly that complying with the latest privacy laws, which are designed to protect consumers, is a core component of risk management. Privva will be including Osano's Privacy Monitoring score as part of its core offering for the next 12 months at no additional cost,” says Ishan Girdhar, CEO.

Osano’s research indicates companies with low privacy scores are more likely to suffer a data breach, which means that privacy and security are truly inseparable. Businesses should analyze privacy compliance not only internally, but also externally with their vendors and partners. Osano and Privva’s partnership is aimed not only at keeping businesses and their customers safe but also at making compliance and risk management easy. With hundreds of new regulations and an ever-changing environment, staying up-to-date can be a full-time job without the right software.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from this new union between industry innovators, contact the team at Privva.

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