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Privva Helps Clients Assess Third-Party Vendors to Determine Exposure from SolarWinds Orion Breach

Privva has quickly developed and rolled out a SolarWinds Orion breach impact survey for their clients to distribute to their third-party vendors to measure any potential exposure. Information is power and when a breach occurs, knowing if your third-party vendors have been impacted is essential and timing is crucial. In only a matter of days, Privva has sent out the survey to 1,000+ vendors. Many vendors have provided an immediate response helping our clients quickly see the posture of their vendors. This breach impact survey allows our clients to know where to immediately focus their attention and measure the impact this breach has had on their organization.

Privva allows organizations to be proactive and assess their vendors yearly but also allows organizations to be reactive to emerging vulnerabilities and assess quickly how breaches have impacted their organization. To find out more how you can optimize your vendor risk management program and survey your vendors to determine the impact of the SolarWinds Orion breach please contact us at

On December 13th, 2020, SolarWinds, a company that makes network monitoring software, released an emergency directive reporting that SolarWinds Orion products have been corrupted with malware. The code was hidden in a software update and hackers gained access to networks in March 2020. The breach has affected several large United States federal agencies as well as many other organizations.

For updates on the SolarWinds Orion breach please visit

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