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The Exploding Demand for E-Learning Solutions & The Major Security Implications

Districts are being forced to roll out new forms of learning overnight, but can not let security take a back seat. Privva, a leading third-party risk assessment platform, works with many districts that understand this fact and have implemented initiatives to evaluate vendors from a security perspective. In the last 120 days, the districts using Privva have increased the number of vendors they are assessing by 343%!

Classrooms have had to adapt to the new normal and technology is at the forefront of this change. With more technology comes more risk. Student, parent, and administrator data is being shared with more third parties at record levels.

The results of these assessments have been glaring. We’re seeing vendors who don’t have any information security policies/procedures in place, encryption in transit/at rest, or even the basics of cybersecurity deployed. These same vendors are adding new services every day to meet pandemic e-learning demands - collecting even more student, parent, and district data in the process. We do believe speed and delivery are important, but not at the risk of reducing the security posture of our nation’s school districts.

Districts must prioritize security during the vendor selection process by asking the right questions to the right vendor at the right time. Through these security and privacy assessments, districts can identify and ultimately have the vendor remediate these security flaws before giving them access to sensitive district data. It only takes one vendor (like the ones described above) to cause a breach and have significant financial, reputational, and operational impacts to the district. Simply inserting clauses in contracts is not enough anymore.

We will see breaches in the near future directly tied to the e-learning push K12 is experiencing. Don’t let your district be the next security breach headline. Be proactive and take steps today to build and execute on your district’s third-party vendor risk assessment program.

Do you know how your vendor’s are protecting your district’s data? Learn how Privva can help your district assess its vendors.

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