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Webinar: “Automagically Compliant” Streamlining Third-Party Risk Management Workflows

Watch our webinar Automagically Compliant; streamlining third-party risk management workflows. Watch the in-depth webinar where we cover:

  • Understanding the regulatory landscape and what level of due diligence is required to achieve compliance.

  • Best practices for implementing and maturing a third-party risk measurement program.

  • Bridging the gap between security questionnaires and continuous monitoring data.

  • Risk score modeling, analytics, and regulatory reporting.

  • How we can help.


Tiffany Magri, Regulatory Advisor, Smarsh

Steve Slawson, VP Security Program Manager, Sixth Street

Ishan Girdhar, CEO, Privva

Jon Ehret, VP of Strategy & Risk, RiskRecon

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