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Privva automates the security assessment process of your law firm's vendors.

Meet Client Requirements. Protect Data. Save Time.

Introducing the EDRM* Security Questionnaire, now available on Privva.

Privva helps law firms in

Creating, Distributing, and Analyzing Security Assessments of Vendors​

Reduce the time it takes to assess a vendor by 75%.

Track changes and high-risk responses in fully-automated auto-scored reassessments.

Communicate to vendors and stakeholders during major security breaches and events.

View a comprehensive analysis of policy and procedures per vendor and a complete analysis of firm risks.

Enhance user experience for your vendor network with easy to use platform.

Evaluate Risk to Client Data

Privva streamlines the evaluation process of your vendors and maintains records of compliance with FFIEC, PCI, GLBA, or other industry regulations.

The Privva Suite


Kickoff and Launch Guidance

Custom Assessment Authoring

Standard Assessments (SIG, CIS 20, Privva Bank)

Vendor Registry

Assessment Distribution

Weighted Categories

Autoscoring of Responses

Assessment and Artifact Security Review

Remediation Strategy Creation

Remediation Communication, and Tracking

Vendor Scoresheets

Vendor Comparison Reports

Automatic Recurring Assessment

Up to 3 Collaborators

24/7 Support via Email or Phone

Enterprise with

Managed Services

Assess your strategy.

Do you and your clients have the proper vendor risk management process in place?

Privva can help you set up a process to evaluate your vendors or those of your clients by asking the right questions and verifying that they remain compliant.